Repair and Rental

Austin Safety Services provides Repair and Rental for all Life Safety Equipment including: Respiratory, Instrumentation, Safety Shower, Portable Eyewash, Fall Protection, Lighting and Ventilation.


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Breathing Air

Austin Safety Services provides 6-Pak, 12-Pak, Bottle Trailers and Tube Trailers to meet the needs of your operation. This equipment can be purchased or rented based on your project needs.


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Turnaround Support

Austin Safety Services provides turnaround support improving compliance, quality and accountability. Access to Rental Equipment, Safety Technicians and Permit Personnel reduces your capital investment and reduces turnaround time.


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Inspection Process

Austin Safety Services utilizes BuildingReports' to track all devices that require inspection and eliminates errors common with manual inspections. Our device-specific reporting maximizes efficiency, saves money and reduces risk by managing critical inspection data.